Basic woodworking tools and use

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Tools generally have sharper cutting edges, so be careful when using them. The most important thing is to master the correct posture and methods of using various tools, such as sawing, planing, and axe cutting, pay attention to the position of the body and the correct posture of the hands and feet. When operating woodworking machinery, it is especially necessary to strictly abide by the safety operating procedures.

The tools should be organized and tidy up after use. When not in use for a long time, oil the cutting edge of the tool to prevent corrosion.

1. Measuring tools and their use

1. Steel tape measure

Used for blanking and measuring parts, easy to carry and flexible to use. The size of 2m or 3m is often used.

2. Steel ruler

Generally made of stainless steel, high precision and wear resistance. Used for scribing in tenon, starting, and groove lines. Often use 150¬—500mm

3. Square

The square ruler used by woodworking is a 90° right angle. In ancient times, people called the square ruler (or square ruler) and the compass as the rule. As the saying goes: "Without rules, there can be no squares."

Compasses. The standard of the circle, the track depends on the compass; the rectangle, the rectangle. The square of the rectangle rests on the square. There are compasses and squares to perfect square and round furniture shapes.

The square can be used for vertical marking when cutting and marking; for parallel marking of structural mortises and tenon shoulders; used to make the product angle measurement is correct and vertical, and also used to process the panel whether it is flat and so on.

Squares are made of wood, steel, and aluminum. The square is the main tool for woodworking marking, and its specifications are determined by the ratio of the length of the handle to the length of the wing.

Such as: small square 200: 300mm; medium square 250: 410mm; large square 400: 630mm.

The right angle accuracy of the square must be protected, and it is not allowed to throw or throw it away, let alone knock the object with the square at will, causing the joint between the handle and the wing to become loose, and the verticality of the square is changed and cannot be used.

4. Triangle ruler: used to draw a 45° angle.

5. Active square: used to draw any angle.

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